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Panama or bust
The Golden Hour

Life flight safety

How do you know you have good care?

A slow-motion train wreck
Fixing the Primary Care Crisis by Dr. Stephen Schimpff Amazon Kindle edition

Does care have a gold standard?
President Obama’s VIP healthcare
Shoreland Travax

Enter Dr. Connie

Enter Dr. Darling

The benchmarks
Time with the patient

Timely access to care
See Dr. Gerald Cox and Dr. Robert Darling, at the 1:44.50 mark through 1:46.38:

Care Continuity

Focal point for care
Dr. Richard Tubb, Physician to President George W. Bush Interview

Personalized medicine,diagnosis%2C%20and%20treatment%20of%20disease.&text=Personalized%20medicine%20is%20being%20advanced%20through%20data%20from%20the%20Human%20Genome%20Project.

The Impact of Primary Care: A Focused Review

Uplifting care, for all
Patronus Medical

Jesus Nut?

Getting primary care right

Cost of state funerals


The DPC Factor
What is DPC?

The Naysayers

But there’s trouble brewing for DPC’s brand

More DPC insights on YouTube

Ebola’s warning shot
ER Doctor: What Scares Me Even More Than Ebola

The doctor will see you now

There’s another telling sign about DPC

About those expat food fights
America is the only developed world country NOT focused on primary care.


Expat life’s dark side: Mental health
How do you cope living in a foreign country? Expat Mental Health Tips

It’s the little things

What’s your why? The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Are you happy?

When something bad happens...

Mental health for expat kids

Did I mention expat life is stressful?,of%20inflammation%20in%20your%20body

Be water, my friend

A word about time

Patient advocacy

A word about physicians

Dr. Pamela Wible's website

Americans, and future expats to America
Practicing Physicians of America
PBMs with Dr. Marion Mass
Pulling Back Healthcare's Curtains with Dr. Marion Mass

A special kind of stupid
(“Analyses of annual changes in MLRs, claims, and premiums suggest that both compliant and noncompliant plans are sensitive to the ACA's bright-line MLR standard, and that changes in claims, rather than changes in premiums, are the primary way that administrators move their plans (upward or downward) toward the minimum MLR standard.”)
(“Individual insurers with 2010 MLRs >10 percentage points below the minimum exhibited the largest increases in MLRs, with changes occurring through increases in claims and indirectly through decreases in administrative expenses.”)
(“We model the impact of MLR regulation and show empirically that the 80/20 rule has, indeed, led insurers to have substantially higher medical claims costs—nearly one-for-one with their distance below the regulatory threshold.”)
(“We find that managers of health plans with premanaged MLRs less than their required MLRs overestimate claims, thereby increasing reported MLRs and reducing or eliminating cash rebate payments.”)

It’s not business. It’s personal.

Human Genome June 26 2000

However . . .

Gut Microbiome


The PCP shortage

Hurry up and wait,practice%20expense%2C%20and%20professional%20liability.&text=RVUs%20were%20designed%20to%20provide,relative%20value%20of%20medical%20services

The keyboard shuffle

But what of our north of the border friends?

England's GP woes

Are we doomed to one-size-for-all care?

Cost savings
There are always alternatives

FairCo$t Health Plan

Wait. A hospital saving money on employee healthcare?

Hold my Sarsaparilla at the Gasparilla?


Patients lying more to their physicians,can%20negatively%20affect%20patients'%20health

CPT Codes

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. But what if?
Medical records breach at Tampa General, USF exposes woman’s secrets

It’s in the cloud

Who’s accessing your PHI?
Twila Brase, RN on Winning Healthcare Food Fights

It’s raining men, hallelujah. Maybe not?

“Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”

We’re from the government...
The slow-motion train wreck
Reconsidering Constitutional Protection for Health Information Privacy

The butler did it!

How about the US government’s record on protecting highly sensitive records?

Enter the ponytail and sandals crowd

Gattaca: Best Sci-Fi movie ever?

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